Le Marche

A bit of village life in the big city

Le Marche was created to bring a bit of French village market to the rest of us. Some home made skin care, or secret recipe, or a little something hand made.

We, Matthew and Claire, went to Paris for our tenth anniversary, and fell in love with French culture. We love that wine goes with every meal, and that some streets have had the same name for 100's of years. We love that "if you don't have butter, you don't make croissants." We love 2 hour lunches with your family on a Tuesday.

And so Le Marche is our chance to express a little of that culture right here. I think supplements should taste nice and really work. Claire hand crochets each wash cloth, because she loves to. It may not make us rich, but it does make us happy.

But enough about us, how have you been?

Our Team