Le Marche is about strolling through a farmers market, munching on fresh fruit and drinking tea. It's about not leaving a mark, it's about sharing with a friend and feeling like an explorer.

It's about living your beautiful life. 

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Le Body Butter Bar

Natural ingredients in plastic free packaging make for a silky smooth body butter bar. It's the perfect after shower body rub that not only moisturizes, but the bar also helps stimulate the skin. Plus, it smells heavenly.


Le Lip Balm

Plastic sticks of Lip Balm are sooo last season. It's all about natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, and delicious fragrance.

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Meet the Makers

Company team

Claire Kent

I've always had a passion for good skin care, but I also love pretty things. Le Marche is my blend of the two.

Company team

Matthew Kent

I've got  years of experience in the natural health industry and running a business. And now I get to discuss strategy with Claire over a glass of wine.

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