Le Marche is about strolling through a farmers market, munching on fresh fruit and drinking tea. It's about not leaving a mark, it's about sharing with a friend and feeling like an explorer.

It's about living your beautiful life. 


Hand made soaps, but unlike Fight Club, we can talk about it. Pretty lip balms you won't want to lose. Hand sanitizers that make your skin better, rather than worse. Have a look.


Organic Italian. Ancient grain. Gluten free. Spelt. Millet. Options to make your mouth water, and your intolerances relax. Warning: Friends "dropping in" at supper time may increase.


Chocolate for energy. Pancakes for hangovers. CBD that doesn't taste like grass. It's a crazy world and we're making it crazier. Or was it tastier? Either way, its worth a dab. Yoga pants optional.

Be a big deal.

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